Friday, October 2, 2009


The definition of a rapper/actor. 6 CDs and counting, Ludacris has become and icon and an idol worldwide. His lyrical prowess and block rockin' beats keep him at the top. Ludacris has it all in terms of rap/hip hop.
Songs of note: Rollout, Act a Fool, Ultimate Satisfaction

Hall & Oates

Truly some soulful dudes. Just listen to some of their music if you don't believe me! Darryl Hall and John Oates debuted in the late 70's and have created many timeless jams since. Their harmonic mix of guitar, bass, and horns soothe the mind and soul.

Songs of Note: Sara's Smile, Maneater, Rich Girl

And So it Begins

This blog is directed at those open-minded individual who believe all music has the potential to be good music, if given the chance. Those who don't stay within one genre, but explore many or even all of them. We who constantly expand our playlists and overload I-Pods. People who, like me, love music in its entirety, and couldn't go a day without it.